ANDROMEDA Capsule Collection

For many centuries the night sky fascinated and occupied the thoughts of philosophers, scientists and creators …


For many centuries the night sky fascinated and occupied the thoughts of philosophers, scientists and creators …
At the same time such attractive and unattainable image gave birth to a number of legends. For the season of 2016 it is exactly the image of the night sky that has become the unlimited source of inspiration for the Russian designer Ekaterina Elizarova, when working on the Capsular Collection Andromeda for the Italian brand Matlight. The unique pattern of the marble Marquinia evoked from the designer associations with the Andromeda nebula. That’s why the collection has such a name.
The designer intentionally selected the laconic silhouettes: it was necessary to expose the natural beauty of the materials used. Black marble lends the uniqueness to each of the lightings of Andromeda. The pattern on the surfaces of the details, cut out of the one-piece marble, gets discerned in the craftsman’s hands only at the final polish and this pattern can never be repeated. Brass reflects the light and gives it a very warm and noble hue, resembling the stars shine. The saturation of light can be adjusted and changed easily due to the built-in dimmer.
The light veil of a transparent glass accomplishes the image and imparts it with an extra deepness. Creating Andromeda we involve Italian artisans specializing in natural stone carving, brass artisans and glass-blowers. All that attaches a special value to each lighting, while bold design turns it into a cosmic objet d’art.

Ekaterina Elizarova

Ekaterina Elizarova was chosen to be the Best Designer of 2015 according to the version of Elle Decoration, an influential interior and lifestyle magazine.
Ekaterina Elizarova is a member of such international design associations as IAD, ICSID, IFI, ICOGRADA. Besides she is a member of “Designers’ Union of Russia”.
She is a graduate of the Ural Academy of Architecture and Arts and the University of Huddersfield (UK).
Using the strengths of Russian and British schools of design, Ekaterina has created her own unique and recognizable style and has become a high in-demand specialist in the field of interior and object design.
In 2008 Ekaterina founded her own Design Studio, where a lot of residential and social interior projects have been implemented, as well as the collections of furniture pieces and lightings for the leading global companies and for the own brand. Ekaterina Elizarova is a prizewinner of many prestigious global awards in design; among them are RED DOT, A’DESIGN AWARD & Competition, DESIGN AND DESIGN International Award, Favorite Design, Eurasian Prize and others.
The collections of interior objects designed by Ekaterina Elizarova can be annually seen at the largest exhibitions in Milan, London, Paris, New York, Beijing, Singapore and other design significant cities of the world. Since 2014 the design objects by Ekaterina Elizarova are officially presenting at the auctions in Paris. Today Ekaterina is actively involved in projects in Russia, Europe and USA. She is designing collections for the world factories, delivering lectures and consulting companies in design trends.